Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Wisdom: Cedar Wright onsights

Check out this John Dickey video of Cedar Wright on The Wisdom in Eldo:

Totally opposite of what I was expecting. And special for that very reason.
Onsighting The Wisdom - shouldn't this be like watching NASCAR? Waiting for the whip? Not if, but when... That was my expectation.
Watching someone thrutch through a notoriously tricky and committing Eldo sequence, and then whip over two overhangs?
Nope. On the softer side of things, the riffs and strumming created a soothing feel to what could have been a nailbiter. Cedar moves with little hesitation (good edits? who cares...) and sends, and the viewer gets to listen to a subdued sedating composition. Less drama, more flow.
Very nice to see a video of this style for an Eldo classic.


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