Thursday, November 17, 2011

Start with the Simple Solution in Improvised Rescue

What do we truly need to know for Self-Rescue?
  • escaping the belay
  • munter-mule
  • rescue-spider
  • counter-balance rappel
These seldom used techniques are critical in self-rescue. Or are they? Are there self-rescue situations in which we don't need to know these skills? Absolutely. To go a step further, in a stressful self-rescue situation, it may be in our best interest to incorporate skills that we practice regularly. As an additional point, using the simplest of these solutions generally results in the fastest resolution. Extra care needs to be taken, as fewer sets of skills exposes us to additional

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Climb with Jackson Hole Mountain Guides in Boulder, Colorado

Come check out the incredible climbing surrounding Boulder, Colorado with Jackson Hole Mountain Guides! Climb in Eldorado Canyon State Park, the Flatirons, Boulder Canyon, and more. We love introducing people to the sport, and we love working with people who are looking for that next-step. We help people who are seeking to improve their climbing, learn new skills, climb a classic route or a hidden gem, roll up your sleeves for hardcore adventure, or get on that lifetime dream climb. Invest in your climbing future by spending a day with Jackson Hole Mountain Guides!

from Jackson Hole Mountain Guides on Vimeo

Why climb with Jackson Hole Mountain Guides?

  • program accredited by the American Mountain Guides Association
  • operating since 1968 (one of the longest in the country)
  • climb with guides who hold themselves to lofty standards
  • Leave No Trace member/corporate sponsor; owners have been involved in the development of LNT
  • involvement with non-profit organizations and community outreach programs: Big City Mountaineers/Summit for Someone, American Lung Association, International Climbers Festival, Veterans Expeditions, and local involvement