Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Some Flatirons Closures Lifted - Third Flatiron is Open

Third Flatiron from Royal Arch
Following the opening of the Amphitheater, the Sphynx, Skunk Canyon, and the Sacred Cliffs in May and June, The Third Flatiron and several other formations were opened to all uses on July 25. Boulder Mountain Parks and Open Spaces has lifted some of the seasonal closures as the raptor breeding season comes to a close. Major areas and formations opened on the 25th include: the entire Third Flatiron, its descent trail, the Ironing Boards, the Green Thumb, the Ghetto and Queen Anne's Head, the remaining Shadow Canyon formations (Devil's Thumb Ridge, Towers of the Moon, and Jamcrack Spire), the Goose/Goose Eggs, Nebel Horn Ridge, East Ridge, and Bear Creek Spire.

The only remaining OSMP climbing formations affecting the Flatirons and Eldo climbers are the Mickey Mouse Wall and an area encompassing both the Back Porch and the Box. These closures are still slated to be lifted on July 31. As always, when you are thinking about heading out to some of these formations or even heading out for a trail run, it's worth a check on the OSMP closures page to verify that your destination or trail is indeed open.

Though the 2011 raptor report isn't out yet, the Daily Camera cited city officials saying that there were four peregrine pairs with ten fledglings. No mention of prarie falcons yet. There were four prairie falcon fledglings on Mickey Mouse Wall last year, and I'm guessing that there may be more this year. The Box likely has a successful nest as well, based on the fact this was a new closure listed with the Back Porch, and it remains closed.


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