Monday, March 7, 2011

Petzl updates Grigri technical video

Winter means fewer outdoor climbing opportunities, more gym sessions, and indoor sport climbing.  Looking around Movement in Boulder, for example, you can see quite a few variations on Grigri technique. But it's interesting to note that a large number of climbers are using the current method. I wouldn't have guessed so many would have switched. While concerns about slipping with small diameter ropes are somewhat remedied with the new design, there are too many concerns with using an older method for those of us that often alternate between a locking-assist device like a Grigri/Sum/Cinch and a tube or even munter.

If you haven't updated your grigri technique in the past few years, or don't know what I'm even talking about, check out Petzl's latest video.

Most of the video focuses on belay fundamentals - it doesn't hurt to listen to this once in a while. But the most important information is later in the video. If you just want the quick version, skip to 6:26, where Steve McClure describes how to keep your brake hand on the rope while feeding out a lot of slack.

Unless people get too bored by the time the video comes around to taking in slack, this video is an improvement over the previous put out by Petzl - with men in lab coats catching falls in a white room. Definitely a nice touch by Petzl to use Sharma, Ojeda, Andrada, and McClure among others this time around.


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